As a group, we want the scholarship and the Legacy of the War Donkey to continue for a long time to come. A lot of time and hard work has gone into this cause and we would love if you can contribute to the future of this scholarship.


The special edition 'War Donkey' wines can be purchased by emailing us. Niki worked at a number of the vineyards that have kindly donated their wine, which makes the connection to each bottle even more special. 

The trust behind the Niki Dow Memorial Scholarship is always open to donations of any kind to fund this outstanding cause. One of the main fundraising days for the trust will be the golf day, where items of a wide variety will be gathered and auctioned off following the round of golf.


If you have any suggestions, connections, items or ideas for items to be sold at the auction, please email nd.charitabletrust@gmail.com and pass on your information.